Siddhartha Dhiman

Diffusion MRI Developer

About Me

Hi, my name’s Sid and I’m a research specialist and sysadmin at MUSC Department of Neuroscience. I spend most of my time developing dMRI processing software and toolkits, as well as statistical analuyses pipelines to study various neurodegenerative diseases.

I am most skilled in: Python, Tensorflow Spontaneosly nerding out


This is probably one of the greatest dMRI processing CLI ever created, if you don't agree you're probably wrong.

This project was motivated by the lack of a fully-featured and rich dMRI processing pipeline. What started as a simple port of a MATLAB script, turned into a full-blown CLI that performs pre- and post- processing of diffusion weighted images (DWIs).


Medical University of South Carolina

Research Specialist III

September 2018 - Present

Trying really hard to avoid encounters with bugs.

I develop and deploy softwares and pipelines that enable dMRI neuroscience research, while providing sysadmin support to the research group. A lot of the softwares I develop incorporate matrix and tensor mathematics, machine learning, deep learning, statistics, histopathological image analysis, and filetype conversions.


State University of New York at Buffalo

MSc Biomedical Engineering

2016 - 2018

The University at Buffalo is classified as a "Doctoral University with the Highest Research Activity (R1)"

I picked up a lot of my image analysis, statistical, machine learning, computational genomics and programming skills here. My involvement in various projects allowed me to aptly explore my interests, which is how I ended up here.

Published a paper on schizoprenia and lab-grown human brain organoids (freak science!) into Nature: Translational Psychiatry with great minds like Drs. Michal Stachowiak and Pinaki Sarder.

State University of New York at Buffalo

BSc Biomedical Engineering

2012 - 2016

UB's alumni and faculty have included a prime minister, astronauts, Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, three billionaires, Academy Award winners, Emmy Award winners, Fulbright Scholars, and Rhodes Scholars.

I spent most of my time here buried in textbooks that imparted the knowledge of differnetial equations, fluid dynamics, anatomy, biology, signals processing, programming, clinical trials, and FDA approval processes. You’re reading about the end-result of this weird culmination of subjects.

A Little More About Me

When I’m not analyzing the intricacies of the human brain, you’ll find me nourishing my own brain with:

  • Real guitar
  • Air guitar
  • Competitive vidya games
  • Tinkering with electronics (check out this 3D printer I just built!)
  • Constructing quadcopters
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